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Fashion’s Development Year By Year

Fashion is way of style follows in footwear, clothing, makeup, furniture, accessories and so on. It is the trend of habitual and distinctive in way of dressing by person. It makes designer to think more and more according to the generation. Fashions related term is costume used in masquerade wear or fancy dress. Clothing is the general meaning of fashion and studies are there with fashion as main subject. In early days there is no importance in fashion but centuries goes up fashion gets more popular among men’s and women’s especially in their clothing, ornaments and hair styles. Fashions are changing year to year and designers need to change the patters and textile colors so. In older day’s men’s followed to wear a long waistcoat and women’s wore long dress type. Designers such as Rudi Gernreich and Pierre Cardin designed unisex dressing in the year 1960. Flight jackets, unstructured clothing, sheepskin jacket and duffel coats arise in 1970s.

Fashion companies are greater in number around the world. Number of choices in cloths is available in modern westerns fashion. Fashion trend starts from high status people who wish to wear different kind of dresses. Fashion continues if one people get attract by other people in the way they dressed and wear ornaments. It may vary according to social class, age, occupation, generation, geography and society. Fashion needs be apt to person, such as young people’s new trend fashion is using by an old person makes ridiculous to all person who is seeing. Current fashion following person termed as fashionista. In global markets Asian fashion becomes more popular among people’s in world for recent years. Textile industries are large in countries like Japan, India, Pakistan and China.

One of modern age product is Fashion Industry. In 19th century clothing’s are created by people as home production or tailors. In 20th century with help of sewing machines factories are developing to produce clothing makes a retail outlet to distribute to departmental stores many areas to sell it in fixed price and standard sizes. This industry was first developed by America and Europe. Now fashion industry becomes international industry clothing, manufacturing and selling done in different types of country. For example if design done in India, manufacture in USA and sells in all over the world. United States is having largest employees in fashion industry. Clothing industry provides significant share to economic of world. Different levels in fashion industry are raw materials production such as textiles, fibers, fur and leather, fashion goods production by contractors, designers, manufactures, selling them retail, advertisement and promotion in various forms.

Media makes fashion to spread all over the world

A significant role play by media in fashion is most important. In televisions, newspapers, magazines, social network, fashion blogs consists of guidelines, editorial critique and commentary about fashion. It is subjected to television shows and many films. Now spreading fashion trends and fashion tips, you tube videos and fashion blogs plays as an outlet. With the help of these outlet people from different countries can able to read, learn and view about fashion.

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