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The Good And The Bad Side Of Using Bongs

I know that you are quite confused right now if you will just directly roll a blunt of your favorite herb and listen to some stoners in your place that you will be getting hit harder compared to using the bong.

You might also be wondering what would happen if you smoke in a bong, does it give you a little effect or does it gives you the much-needed high that you want? Actually, there are some pros and cons of using a bong that you must know. This goes beyond about what to use regardless if it is a water pipe, a bubbler, or a moof, but to tell you the truth, bongs are one of the very popular methods in smoking your favorite green herb and even tobacco.

If you are not familiar with bongs, it is a device that is used in smoking a cannabis or a tobacco. It looks like a laboratory tool because of its circular tube that comes with a circular carburation port located at the front of its bowl which serves as your filtration device that is mainly used for smoking cannabis or marijuana and other herbal substances where the smoke or the gas flow from the lower port to the upper port which is already filtrated by the water.

It is given that some stoners prefer to roll blunt rather than carry and take a hit from that intimidating bongs because of its bubbling water, big smoke chambers, and extra large bowlers but there is nothing to worry about smoking from a bong because I prepared a list of its pros and cons that will help you weigh-in the things if you want to smoke in a bong or not.


One of the most notable benefits of using a bong regardless of its type is that it effectively traps the harmful particles in the water such as carcinogenic substances and other toxins that may do more harm than good to our body. The water filtration that bongs have only given us nothing but pure cannabis smoke giving us that very smooth intake of smoke to our body and give us that much-needed high.

Also, tars that come from the smoke are separated during the filtration and you can even notice the tar that is developed inside the bong’s inner walls and in the water which eventually turns brown. Imagine inhaling that harmful substance to our body.

You will also get bigger hits of smoke compared to other devices at the same time, the water cools down the smoke making it easier for us to inhale the smoke. It is also very portable and easy to clean and always built transparently using clear glass so that you can monitor how much tar and harmful substance are already deposited inside to tell that it is time to clean.


The water filtration also traps the tetrahydrocannabinol or (THC) which is the main reason why we smoke that green herb in the first place because of its benefits. THC is also the one that gets us high because of its psychoactive effects to our body and brain giving us that happy and high feeling and getting filtered out with the water inside the bong gives us lesser of that desired effect.

Also, since most bongs are made up of glass, it is completely fragile and you should frequently clean it and change the water since the filtered substance there affects the taste and smell of the herb.

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